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              EHS MANAGEMENT

              EHS MANAGEMENT

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              EHS management policy

              Occupational health and safety policy: safety first, prevention first; love life, care for health.

              Environmental policy: environmental protection, sustainable development; source control and cleaning production.

              Compliance: Ensure the compliance of EHS system operation through internal and external audit at regular intervals.

              Besides of the compliance in the laws, the regulations and the standards, we also work closely with our stakeholders, customers and suppliers to achieve the following objectives.


              Environmental Protection

              Porton (Jiangxi) avoids or minimizes environmental impacts in its operations and product development, production, sales, use and treatment.


              Occupational Health

              Porton (Jiangxi) seeks a way of doing business that prevents health damage to employees and related parties



              Porton (Jiangxi) is committed to preventing any injury to employees and contractors in the workplace.


              Product Service

              Porton (Jiangxi) seeks to expand the environmental, occupational health and safety concerns of customers and suppliers through its product service management system.